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The port sector is of strategic importance for Africa and will play a key role in the development of the continent. It is therefore important that African countries have a modern port infrastructure adapted to the needs of international maritime transport, not least because, in most cases, ports remain the only entry and exit point, not only for coastal countries but also for landlocked countries. The key role of African ports in international economic exchanges makes it essential that their port governance is strengthened. This means strengthening partner countries’ capacity to manage their ports’ safety and security requirements.

WeCAPS (West and Central Africa Port Security), the European Union project implemented by Expertise France, has positioned itself to support autonomous ports, port authorities and supervisory structures, and pays particular attention to port governance: it supports ports to improve the management of both safety and security in ports. This responsibility is common to both the public and private sectors, which is why WeCAPS also supports both the port’s private and public partners, such as the fire brigade and certain administrations.

The implementation of good port governance principles, within the framework of the WeCAPS project, is therefore a key factor for the ownership of actions taken by the partner ports in West and Central Africa and the sustainability of their results. 

To this end, the project will focus on the implementation of activities aimed specifically at:

  • facilitating awareness of why implementation of the ISPS standards is important;
  • identifying vulnerabilities and threats and preparing for crisis management;
  • proposing better approaches from the administration in order to increase the security of goods transportation;
  • increasing the capacity of partners to deal with port-related vulnerabilities through training, exercises, etc.

These activities entail, further: 

  • Strengthening the legal framework;
  • Improving the operation model of the port; 
  • Development of public-private partnerships (PPP); 
  • Exchange of experiences between ports in the sub-region and in Europe.

By improving port governance, with a view to reinforcing security and safety, the WeCAPS project will enable partner ports to improve not only their productivity, but also their profitability and competitiveness.