How to benefit from the project WeCAPS

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WeCAPS, the European Union project implemented by Expertise France, aims to help its partner countries in West and Central Africa to counter the growing security-related vulnerabilities faced by ports. 

The project looks tailored to your needs, but where to begin?

Before making a request to the WeCAPS project, here are some questions to ask: 

  • What are my objectives?
  • Is the project of strategic importance for my port?

Key steps for making a request:

  • Draft a request, providing detail on how the WeCAPS project could support you;
  • Send your request to the Project Manager and the project’s Team Leader:

Maëlle Rigo – WeCAPS Project Manager:

Nico Vertongen – WeCAPS Team Leader: 


For more information on the project: 

Marion Piccio – Communications Expert – WeCAPS: